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Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement surgery is one of the most common bone surgeries. It is performed on patients experiencing knee pain from conditions like arthritis. While Knee Replacement surgery can be beneficial for those who undertake it, it is important that other options can be available to reduce knee pain and increase knee movement, and if Knee Replacement surgery is performed, post-surgery care is vital to the recovery process. 

What is a Knee Replacement?

Knee Replacement or Knee Arthroplasty, is a procedure where damaged parts of the knee are replaced with a artificial parts. This can be a partial knee replacement, where only one section gets replaced, or a total knee replacement, where all three sections of the knee are replaced. 

Knee Replacement

Signs and Symptoms of Knee Replacement

Knee Replacements are usually performed when the patient experiences severe knee pain. While surgeries are usually successful, there can be some risk factors involved, including:

  • Blood clots in legs
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nerve or muscle damage
  • Implant problems
  • Scarring that can limit range of motion
  • Continued pain

Causes of Knee Replacement

Most people will consider a Knee Replacement when they experience severe knee pain. This is usually due to one of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Deformities, such as bowlegs or 'knock-knees'
  • Knee Injuries

Statistics and Epidemiology related to Knee Replacement

U.S. doctors perform more than 600,000 knee replacement surgeries each year

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How MHC Treatment Options Can Help Knee Replacement

Before looking at Knee Replacement surgery, it is important to consider alternatives. Motion Health Centre can help patients with their knee pain, and can be a safer and less intrusive method of care.

For those who have experienced a Knee Replacement, Motion Health Centre can provide post-surgery care, especially for those experiencing pain or reduced motion due to scar tissue. 

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