New Patients

Visiting Motion Health Centre for the First Time?

It’s our aim to make you feel comfortable and at ease from the very first moment that you set foot within our practice. You’ll be greeted warmly by our staff, before being invited to take a seat in our waiting room.

During this time, you may also be given some paperwork to fill-in, as this gives our practitioners a more comprehensive overview of your medical history.

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consult we will investigate the reason(s) for your visit and take a complete health history. We will then complete a thorough physical examination and map of your posture, ranges of motion, joint mobility, orthopedic testing and either a regional (spine and upper limb or spine and lower limb) or full body muscle functional exam depending on your needs. You may also require referral for specific imaging such as X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT or MRI scans, or other investigations.

At the end of your initial visit we will provide you with a working diagnosis, stretches if applicable to get you started, and schedule your follow up Report of Findings. Should you be attending today due to pain significantly stopping you from your daily activities, please inform our reception so that we can make alterations to your first consult and provide care at this appointment if necessary. Otherwise, our initial history and examination will be detailed and take up the initial consultation.

What to Expect at Your Report of Findings

The Report of Findings visit will review your examination findings, imaging and investigation reports and describe your current condition(s) and health state in more detail. A recommended action plan based on your goals will be provided as well as your first adjustment and muscle balancing session.

During your initial examination or anytime throughout your care, we may determine that you may require or benefit from other services outside our scope of expertise. Within and outside of Motion Health Centre, we have a network of health professionals and fitness trainers that we work closely with who could help you further. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide treatment on the first appointment?

If visiting our practice for chiropractic treatment, for example, much of the initial consultation may be spent assessing the area thoroughly or obtaining a more comprehensive overview of your condition with digital imaging. If we believe our services may not be of benefit to you, then we will be upfront about this in your first appointment.

What clothing should I wear to my appointment?

We advise that you wear loose, comfortable clothing which allows a wide range of movement.

Is chiropractic care right for me?

The aim of chiropractic care is to restore the body’s natural abilities to self-regulate and self-heal by enhancing spine and joint alignment, muscle balance and nervous system function. If you’re suffering from headaches, spine and sports injuries, poor posture, or other conditions affecting your general wellbeing, then you may benefit from the services we offer at Motion Health Centre.


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