Remedial Massage in Sydney CBD

Remedial massage promotes healing through stimulating blood flow to the damaged or painful area; this area includes muscles or tendons that are stiff, strained, knotted, tense or injured. You can see significant improvement with the proper type and intensity of a remedial massage at Motion Health Centre. Remedial massage therapy can also give you the following benefits:

  • Release Muscle Tension and Pain: Proper massage techniques involve the release of trigger points, stretching and elongating muscles, and breaking down adhesions. When the therapist focuses on areas that are stiff, injured, or just plain sore, they can increase the blood flow to the tissues and thus release the tension. This release can not only alleviate the pain but also help eliminate toxins and oxygenate the cells.
  • Reduce Stress: One of the most recognised effects of massage is an increased feeling of calm and relaxation. It reduces both emotional and physical stress and encourages the release of endorphins, the ‘feel-good’ hormones. Conversely, stress hormones such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol are reduced.
  • Increase Joint Mobility: When muscle tension around the joints is released, the range of movement in the joint can also be increased. As the joint is no longer hindered by stiffness, muscle function can return to support and improve joint mobility.
  • Improve Posture: At work, sitting at a desk or using a computer a lot can create tension, particularly in the neck, shoulder and lower back areas. Remedial massage can help through lengthening the muscles and balancing out the body for improved postural alignment.
  • Boost Immunity: As your stress hormones decrease, your immune system can work more efficiently, without impairment. Massage also increases circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, also increasing your immune system’s ability to work effectively.
  • Heightens Mental Alertness: When you are given a chance to relax and de-stress through massage sessions, your levels of mental clarity and alertness increase.
  • Assists a Broad Array of Health Disorders: Studies have shown that remedial massage shows positive results for many health disorders, including insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain and constipation.


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