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Reduce pain, stiffness and other health and motion issues.

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Hold yourself upright

Reduce tension and stress on your body

Look better, be healthier and radiate confidence

Slouching from too much sitting or time on your computer?

Hunching over your electronic devices constantly can have devastating health consequences on your body.

  • Tension and pain in your back, neck and shoulders can lead to headaches
  • Reduces the optimum length and tension relationship of skeletal muscle leading to stiffness in the joints?
  • Puts excess stress on joints, nerves and spine
  • Disrupts the alignment of your spine
  • Can compress internal organs and lead to acid reflux and other gastrointestinal (GI) issues
  • Causes a hunchback look where your pelvis tilts forward creating the illusion of a pot belly

Good posture improves blood flow, helps keep nerves and blood vessels healthy and supports your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 

Motion Health Centre's advanced Sydney Chiropractor helps you improve your core muscle strength and flexibility, so you stand up straight and enjoy the health benefits associated with having good posture.

Stop slouching, stand up straight and radiate confidence.

Feel your best with our Sydney CBD Chiropractor and Trigenics® Practitioner.

Understand your health history

This information helps us to pinpoint the root cause of your poor posture so we can help you achieve a better functioning spine and improved posture.

Receive a Comprehensive Exam & Diagnosis

A spine, joint, and muscle balance exam helps us diagnose your problem so we use the right techniques and solution approach to help you improve spinal curvatures, strengthen your muscles and improve your posture.   

Myoneural Kinetic Map

Get results with a kinetic chain, approach that addresses the specific and global problems of poor posture.

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We work on the kinetic chain: we examin all muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments acting on your spine, effecting your nervous system and movement patterns, to help you unwind spine and muscle irregularities and movement patterns that may be causing your poor posture.

You learn lifestyle changes to continue to manage your improvements so you live a higher quality of life.

Benefit from Multiple Care and Technique Approaches

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We utilize a variety of techniques that help rectify spine, joint and muscle abnormalities of poor posture; including, abnormal spinal curvatures, trigger points, scar tissue, myofascial adhesions, poor ergonomics and tight, weak imbalanced muscles that may contribute to your poor posture.

This includes Chiropractic, sports injury care, spine orthotics, Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology, soft tissue techniques, corrective and rehabilitative exercises, and more.

This ensures everyone, young and old, can gain relief and results.

Remeasure your progress regularly so you're ensured your care is making headway towards relieving your headache pain.

Improved posture, natural pain relief and restoration of function can start immediately and progressively improve with the right customized Chiropractic care.

We regularly reassess your goals against the initial exam to ensure you're progressing towards the results you desire.

Stand up straight and avoid future slouching.

We re-teach your body to activate movement patterns, posture, and muscles in more ergonomic, coordinated, and properly sequenced ways so you continue to stand straight and reap the health benefits of good posture.

"Over 94% of practice members are highly satisfied with our services by their first progress exam"

Our Rating and Reviews

"Over 94% of practice members are highly satisfied with our services by their first progress exam"

Rating and Reviews

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SAVE 50% with our "Your Health and Motion Matters" New Patient Introductory Offer

SAVE 50% with our "Your Health and Motion Matters" New Patient Introductory Offer.


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If you don't completely understand the results of your examination, or do not resonate with the action plan and recommended treatments by the middle of the second visit, and prior to any hands on care, just let us know.  

We will provide a full refund and refer you to another practitioner for a second opinion.

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