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  • Map your muscle imbalances
  • Reset pain and movement signals and unravel chronic conditions
  • Quickly increase strength and motion
  • Prevent sports injuries, assist performance

Suffering from unresloved pain, weakness or stiffness?

Trigenics® offers treatments for relief and restoration of muscle, joint and movement problems

  • Neck, middle or low back, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or heel pain?
  • Chronic shoulder pain, shoulder impingement or frozen shoulder? shoulder?
  • Decreased sports training and perfomance?
  • Early signs of initial injury?
  • Muscle weakness, muscle tears or tendonitis?
  • Chronic conditions or RSI?

When you injure a muscle, its nerve sensors can send impaired movement and pain signals to the brain that override normal signaling and harm muscles and joints.

This disrupts the way your body's kinetic chain movement patterns and muscles work together, creating a domino effect of pain and dysfunction within your body.

If left untreated, it can result in decreased muscle strength, range of motion, and unbalanced muscle pull patterns that lead to pain, limitations, and injury. 

Motion Health Centre's premier Trigenics Muscle Neurology care helps you gain lasting relief, improve strength and mobility, and create better balance and posture.

Regain your healthy, active life

Trigenics® Muscle Neurology is an innovative examination and interactive, tri-modal manual muscle technique.

Motion Health Centre's Trigenics® muscle procedures simultaneously combine treatment and exercise for better outcomes.  Sessions can instantly increase strength and range of motion, decrease acute and chronic pain and enhance performance.

Myoneural Kinetic Map

Map Out Your Body's Muscle Imbalances

Detect exactly which muscles are functionally weak and short with manual muscle testing to get to the root cause of your problems. Results are plotted on a Myneural Kinetic Map.

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Gain a thorough understanding of how your brain and body have adapted to muscle stressors and are now coordinating movement due to past injury, strain, weakness, poor movement or bad technique.

This map provides the starting point for your journey to greater relief, recovery and healthier, happier motion.

Trigenics Treatment

Reset How Your Muscles Send Pain and Movement Signals with Your Brain and Body.

Instantly start increasing strength and range of motion and decrease pain!

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Once your myoneural kinetic assessment has been mapped out, specific Trigenics® Strengthening (TS) and Lengthening (TL) treatment procedures are applied to repair these muscle imbalances and abnormal muscle sensor communication pathways.  

The aims are to restore strength and motion, get you feeling better, and back to doing what you enjoy again.


Unravel Complex and Chronic Conditions

Experience longer lasting, improved results by eliminating the deeper layers of imbalance in all muscles of the joint and functional kinetic chain. 

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Often improved results for chronic and complex conditions may begin immediately.  

And with further correction of short and weak muscles and joint dysfunciton throughout the kinetic chain, the greater chance of resolution and improved lifestyle outcomes experienced for those suffering with long-standing, unresolved conditions.


Treat and Prevent Sports Injuries and Assist Athletic Performance

Get on top of sports injuries and poor muscle programming, recover faster, consistantly train well and compete at your best.

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A common reason athletes may not reach their goals are injuries a long the way.  Want to prevent injuries, run or swim faster, throw further or harder, increase strength and max reps, enhance performance? Trigenics® may be able to help.

Interactive and Safe for All Ages

Patients feel like interactive participants with Trigenics® simultaneously combined exercise and muscle treatment protocols.  Muscle procedures can be modified to suit all ages and needs.

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Trigenics® treatment is safe and helpful for children, teenagers, athletes to the elderly.  Muscle procedures are provided with light, medium or heavier applications dependent on each individuals needs.  Often one describes feeling very light or more free movement after a session. 

Integrates with Advanced Chiropractic Care or as a Stand Alone Service

Trigenics® can provide significant relief and greater function when applied soley by itself.   When the Trigenics® muscle balance exam and treatment procedures are linked with Chiropractic care, greater outcomes and long term results may also be experienced. 

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Trigenics® provides a safe, low force and effective alternative to spinal adjustments/manipulations.  It can also compliment Chiropractic and often patients who may have struggled with spinal adjustments in the past, find Trigenics® care has made adjustments much easier and more beneficial.

The Trigenics® Myoneural Kinetic muscle map is useful in correlating with other movement type assessments, Chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examinations.

Although taught in many manual medicine schools, often this level and detail of muscle balance assessment is not a component of traditional manual health and physical medicine practitioners’ examinations.

At Motion Health Centre, we believe this additional information is critical in providing you the best care possible.  The outcomes of the assessment help guide which types of care should be tailored to you for the best results; including Trigenics®, Chiropractic, soft tissue techniques and exercises.


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"


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How Does Trigenics® Work? 

The power of Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology works through the simultaneously combining of three treatment techniques to muscles all at once to achieve an increased synergistic therapeutic outcome which is much greater than if you only applied one. The result being a significant and positive effect on improving pain, strength and motion.

The three components of Trigenics® are as follows:

  • Resisted exercise movements (Neurogenics): These movements activate specific neurological exercise reflexes and how they send messages to the brain.
  • Muscle nerve sensor stimulation (Myogenics): This action is performed by hand or instrument-assisted in a specific low to medium force way that bends muscle fibres and stimulates muscle sensors.
  • Focused diaphragm breathing (Autogenics): This type of relaxation breathing helps relax muscle tissue for greater stimulation, as well as help integrate and optimise the effects of the other two muscle treatment components.

Like the enhanced outcome of the 3 combined Trigenics techniques® (sum is greater than its parts), often addressing all of the muscles acting on a joint and the kinematic chain provides a greater result than addressing only the areas of pain, muscle damage, injury displayed on imaging findings or indicated by orthopedic testing.

Dr. Michael J Egan
Chiropractor, Trigenist, Director Motion Health Centre

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