Understanding Hip and Groin Pain At Motion Health Centre

Healthy hip and groin function occurs when all the muscles, joints, and kinematic chain work in balance, alignment and coordination. Gain knowledge on common hip and groin pain problems and how they normally work.

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Is hip pain preventing you from keeping up to your usual beat?

Hip pain can really take the twist out of your shake, especially if you’re usually active, or play sports that require full range of motion of the arms. Motion Health Centre and our expert Sports Chiropractors and Trigenics Practitioners, have the experience and ability to offer quality treatment on this region of the body; in the Sydney CBD.

Our practitioners look at your body as a whole system. We holistically take in to account other possibilities that could be causing your shoulder issues. Knowledgeable Sports and Trigenics® Chiropractors at Motion Health Centre provide a complete approach to effective and long lasting hip pain relief, that focuses on the real causes of your pain, not just the symptoms.

What to Know About Hip Pain and Dysfunction

If you have a stiff or sore hip, hip pain or problem, learn more about signs, symptoms and hip pain causes and common hip injuries below. 

Be sure to find out how a healthy hip should function, what a complete exam should involve and how to get hip pain relief.  

Healthy Hip Function

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Summary of Healthy Hip Function

Having a Healthy Hip Function can affect everyday activities like sleeping, sitting or walking.

Common Signs, Symptoms and Causes of Hip Pain

At Motion Health Centre, patients with chronic Hip pain commonly present with the following symptoms:

Signs Your Hip is Unhealthy and Not Functioning at Its Best:

  • Inability to walk properly
  • Decrease mobility or not able to bend at the hip
  • Difficulty with certain yoga/flexibility positions like pigeon
  • Inability to squat, lunge or bend over effectively
  • Weakness in the hip
  • Deformity on X-ray imaging indicating stress and degeneration

Symptoms of Hip Pain

  • Hip pain that occurs at night and aggravation whilst lying on the hip
  • Hip pain that lasts longer than a few days
  • Clicking in the hip
  • Sharp pains, often in the groin or back of hip
  • Pain also radiating up the lower back, into the buttocks or hamstrings
  • Swelling
  • Pain while walking, running, or other sporting

Causes of Hip Pain

Although common, hip pain is often confusing because there are so many different causes. Some of the causes can include; injuries, overuse, strenuous sport training, arthritis, misalignment, or rotation of the hip. As there are so many underlying causes, it’s important to have an expert practitioner such as ours at Motion Health Centre – diagnose for the right treatment.

Hip pain can be a debilitating experience, impacting life significantly. If you are suffering from hip pain, book a thorough examination with one of our experts of the spine, muscle and nervous system function. Our Sports Chiropractors and Trigenics® Muscle Neurology Practitioners at Motion Health Centre will help you shake your hips with joy – at better mobility and decreased pain.

Let us help you twist and shout your hip back into full motion at Motion Health Centre

Reduce the pain and discomfort of Hip Pain

Common Hip Pain Conditions

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Hip conditions related to the hip joints


Hip conditions related to muscles and tendons


Hip and groin conditions related to function and mobility

Hip and Groin Anatomy

Skeletal Anatomy of Hip and Groin

human pelvis anatomy 3d medical vector illustration on white background eps 10

The hip muscles encompass many muscles of the hip and thigh whose main function is to act on the thigh at the hip joint and stabilize the pelvis. Without them, walking would be impossible. They can be divided into three main groups:

  • Iliopsoas group
  • Gluteal muscles
  • Hip adductors

Muscle Anatomy of Hip and Groin

Rear view of woman's thigh and knee muscles with names

The hip muscles encompass many muscles of the hip and thigh whose main function is to act on the thigh at the hip joint and stabilize the pelvis. Without them, walking would be impossible. They can be divided into three main groups:

  • Iliopsoas group
  • Gluteal muscles
  • Hip adductors

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Motion Health Centre’s Hip Pain Recovery Program

At Motion Health Centre, we take a “holistic” approach to the assessment and management of your hip issues. Not only do we aim to free you from pain, we also help you enjoy health, motion and well-being to your fullest potential, with long term results.

Benefits of our Program

  • Notice instant results often in the first treatment session
  • Increase strength, range of motion and reduction of pain
  • Return to a good night’s sleep, wake up feeling refreshed
  • Bend at your hip, squat, lunge, walk and run
  • Improve your yoga practice, flexibility and dance again
  • Learn how to maintain and prevent injuries for the future
  • Improved athletic performance: kick, run, jump better than before

The Hip Pain Recovery Program includes:

  1. 1
    A comprehensive exam of your hip,lower limb, spine, muscles and nervous system function.
  2. 2
    Detailed report illustrating the true causes of your hip pain
  3. 3
    Referral for further other imaging if necessary
  4. 4
    Action plan with clear goals for fast relief, correction, prevention and lifestyle improvements
  5. 5
    Safe and effective natural Sports Chiropractic Care
  6. 6
    Trigenics®Myo-neuro corrective muscle re-balancing
  7. 7
    Be provided with effective hip and spinal corrective exercises and devices
  8. 8
    Advice for Natural anti-inflammatory and wellbeing solutions
  9. 9
    An evidenced informed approach
  10. 10
    Always a friendly, caring and convenient service
  11. 11
    Understand a clear solution plan for pain relief, correction and optimal life style function

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