Complimentary Your Health and Motion Matters Case Review

At Motion Health Centre, we believe regular spinal and muscle balance assessment and health checks are an important part of maintaining good health and function. We also recognise that you may have never been screened before, or have trialled many other types of care or forms of Chiropractic, and might wish to get a taste of what you can expect from our services. The YHMM Case Review includes all of the following and is a great introduction to our services and how we might be able to help.


A FREE Case Review May Include the Following:

  • A Case Review Consultation
  • A Digital Posture Screen
  • A Muscle Balance Screen

What is a ‘Your Health & Motion Matters’ Case Review?

A YHMM Screening is an opportunity for patients to gain insight into the possible root causes of any of their concerns, how their health and motion stacks up and what our Sports Chiropractic and Trigenics services at Motion Health Centre can do for them. The free review takes between 20-30 minutes and it includes:

1) A Case Review Consultation

This gives patients the opportunity to go over their history and ask any questions related to their concern, as well as ask questions regarding our techniques and approach to care. It also involves a brief assessment.

2) A Digital Posture Screen and Spinal Check

This is a quick overview screen of a person’s posture, which comes with a free report. As well a general check of your spines health and function.

3) A Muscle Balance Screen

This is a quick overview screen of a person’s chief concern and associated muscle balance and strength and length performance.

From these three things, our Sports Chiropractor and Trigenics Practitioner, Dr Michael Egan will be able to advise you on the best actions steps to take.


  • See and feel how your posture and spine is affecting your body
  • Know how your muscles and muscle balance is affecting your pain, condition, movement or sports performance
  • Be heard and understood by an experienced chiropractor
  • Receive clear and concise information on your current condition, and any complaints you may have
  • Get care and understanding on your next steps going forward.

Why Spinal Health?

Having a healthy and functional spine is essential in order to have a body that communicates optimally with our brain. It protects the millions of neurons that relay information from our brain to our body and vice versa. A spinal imbalance often does not produce symptoms straight away, and early detection can help early prevention of symptoms such as back pain, headaches, stiffness, numbness and fatigue.

Why Muscle Balance Health?

When a muscle becomes injured, damaged or stressed, the nerve sensors located within the muscles can send impaired movement and pain signals to the brain that override normal signalling. If left undetected or unresolved, it can result in decreased muscle strength and range of motion, and unbalanced muscle pull patterns that lead to pain and dysfunction, which can affect overall function and performance.

Your Next Step…

Once you’ve had the YHMM screening, Dr. Michael Egan will give you recommendations on your next course of action. This may include referral to a specialist, referral for imaging or a recommendation for an Initial Consultation, including a deeper and more thorough assessment, depending on your case.

At Motion Health Centre, our Initial Consultations can be one of either two different types of Assessments – a Full Body Assessment, or a Regional Assessment.

Initial Consultation – Full Body

A Full Body Assessment consists of the doctor assessing the spine, and both the upper and lower limbs.

An hour consultation, the Full Body Assessment is perfect for clients who have multiple areas that need to be assessed, e.g. knee and shoulder, or would like an overall assessment of their bod

Initial Consultation – Regional

A Regional Assessment involves the doctor assessing the spine, and either the upper limbs or lower limbs.

This type of assessment is ideal for those who have a specific area that needs to be assessed such as an elbow, shoulder or ankle problem. Or where the main complaint is along the spine e.g. headaches, back or neck pain. A Regional Assessment is 40 minutes long.


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