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Osteitis Pubis

It is a condition characterized by the inflammation and pain of the adjoining segments of pelvic bones (also referred to as pubic symphysis).

Definition of Osteitis Pubis

The pubic bone is one of three bones that makes up the hip. The pubic symphysis, the joint where the joint of the pubic bones meet, is made up of cartilage, and various muscle groups, including lower abdominal muscles and the hip adductor muscles, all connect to the area. Osteitis Pubis occurs when there is inflammation of the pubic symphysis, due to stress on the joint. 

Osteitis Pubis

Signs and Symptoms of Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis usually presents with groin pain (which is the most common symptom and is reported in 80% affected subjects). Other common symptoms include abdominal pain (30%) and hip pain (12% cases) and pubic pain in 40% cases. In advanced cases, stiffness of groin is also observed.

Causes of Osteitis Pubis

Primary causes of Osteitis Pubis are: overuse or abuse injury of muscles and joints due to repetitive stimulation, sudden changes in the sitting posture and position, forceful contraction of abdominal muscle and active involvement in dynamic sports such as football, hockey etc.

Some risk factors that are strongly associated with Osteitis Pubis are:

  • Poor or abnormally developed biomechanical architecture of the body
  • Compromised pelvic stability
  • Use of extra tight or ill-fitting foot wear
  • Running over a hard and flat surface

Statistics and Epidemiology related to Osteitis Pubis

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Fricker, P. A., Taunton, J. E., & Ammann, W. (1991). Osteitis pubis in athletes.Sports medicine, 12(4), 266-279.

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