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Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear

Your shoulder’s labrum is a thick ring of tissue that surrounds the socket of your shoulder, and keeps it stable. It does this by helping to connect the glenoid bone (the ‘socket’ part of your shoulder) with the head of the humerus (the ‘ball’ part of your shoulder).

A Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear is a specific injury that can happen to the shoulder labrum.

What is a Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear?

Moderate to severe damage or injury to the ring of cartilage present around the labrum of the joint cavity is referred to as Labrum tear or SLAP lesion.  SLAP is the abbreviation of Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior – a term that denotes the position of the labrum injury. In most cases, biceps tendon is also involved in the injury process (as it inserts on the anterior and superior aspect of labrum surface).

Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear

Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear

Classic symptoms of Shoulder Labrum SLAP tear include:

  • Pain or ache in the shoulder that worsens with activity or movement
  • Inability to perform simple day-to-day activities that involve stretching, lifting or rotation of shoulder joint
  • Alteration in the strength of shoulder joint
  • Popping or clicking sensation

Causes of Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear

Most common causes of labrum tear are:

  • trauma or accident (such as motor vehicle accidents),
  • application of pressure over the stressed arm,
  • sudden or forceful movement of the affected arm
  • acute displacement of the shoulder joint
  • age (over 40years or older, the labrum can have worn down over time)
  • repetitive overuse of the shoulder

Abnormal posture or excessive strain on the shoulder joint can also increase the risk of developing labrum tear.

How MHC Treatment Options Can Shoulder Labrum SLAP Tear

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Shoulder Recovery Program

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