Treat Yourself to a Massage 

 December 15, 2019

By  Dr. Michael J Egan

Are you sitting at a desk all day? Do you work a physically demanding job? No matter how you spend the majority of your time, you certainly can enjoy a massage session. According to studies, having massage therapy can relieve your tension, stress and promote the healing of an injury.

There are four primary types of massage that our practitioners offer:

  1. Deep tissue/remedial massage. If you have tight muscles or pain that just doesn't go away, this massage is for you. We'll determine which areas need attention, then use a variety of strokes and pressures to address them.
  2. Relaxation massage. You'll face the rest of your day relaxed and refreshed after your massage. You'll feel a greater sense of well being in body and mind!
  3. Sports massage. If you're active or a competing athlete, you can benefit from a sports massage. We can boost your recovery from injury or pain or enhance your training outcomes with regular sessions.
  4. Pregnancy massage. If you're expecting, you might be experiencing common types of aches. You can get more out of this special time of life with a massage that's tailored specifically to the changes in your body.

Take Advantage of Our Online Offer

Are you new to massage at Motion Health Centre? For just $99, you'll have a 55-minute remedial massage with one of our experienced massage therapists. Be sure to give the code "Online Offer" if you book over the phone. Enter it in the comments section if you're booking online.

At your new patient visit, your massage therapist will consult with you about your needs. They'll do some forms of testing, then direct you on what to do to prepare for your healing massage.

Pricing and Insurance Information

We accept health funds and have a HICAPS machine on-site so that you can claim your rebate straightaway. You can also choose from different options for massage pricing:

  • Regular pricing. Pay as you go for each massage session.
  • Intensive regeneration program. Receive six massages in three months with extra savings.
  • Well being optimization program. Have 12 massages in 12 months for the biggest savings.

Check out our pricing information here by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Contact our team today to schedule your personalized massage session!

Dr. Michael J Egan

Dr. Michael J Egan is the Director of Motion Health Centre and Principal Sports Chiropractor, Registered Trigenics Practitioner and Provider of the Frozen Shoulder Procedure.

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