Taking a Stand Against Opioids 

 October 23, 2023

By  Dr. Michael J Egan

About 30 years ago, medicine had a shift in how they thought pain should be addressed. “Pain is a 5th vital sign” became a rallying cry, and new medications were created to block pain…at all costs. They now know that these medications created a never-before-seen healthcare epidemic. To begin with, the drugs weren’t very good at addressing chronic pain, and they require larger and larger doses to achieve an effect over time.


Taking a stand against opioids starts with our ability to help people find relief from chronic pain. Nearly all of our primary healthcare organizations have now advocated for a non-drug approach to care. And the data is clear- people are looking for solutions for chronic pain that extend beyond a prescription.


– The Centers for Disease Control (FDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and others have recommended a non-pharmacological approach to chronic pain should be the first line of treatment


– Over 40% of blogs relating to opioids are focused on people trying to find solutions “beyond the pill”


– Together, we can end the opioid crisis by breaking the cycle of chronic pain with natural and effective healthcare choices


Chronic pain is described as biopsychosocial, which means that it’s complex and has many dimensions. Creating personalized care, goal-oriented, and coordinated care plans are critical and exactly why our practice begins each patient with a complete and thorough evaluation. Our evaluation helps us understand your history, goals, and challenges. From there, we can create a comprehensive plan of care that enables you to find long-term relief from chronic pain.


Why Chiropractic Care is Important

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of chiropractic care? While most people have at least heard of chiropractors adjusting the body’s joints, that’s where understanding often ends. The reality is, chiropractors assist your body in its self-healing process. They do this through motion-based methods that impact your nervous system, muscles, and joints.

Chiropractic benefits aren’t confined to spine health. Chiropractors are educated to manipulate most of the joints in your body. Particularly remarkable is the impact of spinal adjustments. These have been demonstrated to have direct and indirect effects on your nervous system. Considering your nervous system is your body’s primary control system, you could notice improvement in function and pain relief that goes beyond the immediate area being treated.

– Spinal adjustments can assuage pain and enhance your body’s functionality

– Chiropractors have the skills to address a range of issues, not confined to your neck and back

– Adjustments can affect your neuromusculoskeletal system, resulting in surprising benefits beyond mere pain alleviation.


Next Steps:


Whether you are looking to find relief from pain, correct the cause of your health issues, or you’re seeking improvements in function and performance, chiropractic care may be able to help. It’s very common for people with low back pain, headaches, or neck pain to seek chiropractic care. But don’t forget about all of the other joints of your body- we can help there too. And finally, if you’re seeking human performance improvements, you may want to try chiropractic care. There’s a reason chiropractors are a part of every major sports team!

Dr. Michael J Egan

Dr. Michael J Egan is the Director of Motion Health Centre and Principal Sports Chiropractor, Registered Trigenics Practitioner and Provider of the Frozen Shoulder Procedure.

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