Balance Your Spine for Better Living 

 August 6, 2019

By  Dr. Michael J Egan

Are you sitting at a desk all day? Do you stand for hours at a time? Have you noticed that your posture is somewhat slumped? All these, as well as falls, stress, anxiety and being overweight, can cause pain in your back. You might find that you're unable to play with your kids or grandkids, can't golf or run like you used to and are constantly trying to adapt your everyday activities.

You might find it tough to bend down, lift items and have symptoms such as

  • Dull, throbbing pain in the low back
  • Weakness and numbness in the arms, legs and feet
  • Pain radiating down your legs
  • Muscle spasms

If these sound familiar, your life has probably been significantly impacted by your problems. Fortunately, there may be a solution for you.

Our Specialised Protocol for Low Back Pain

The team at [PRACTICE NAME] provides a holistic approach that frees you from pain and aims to achieve long-term results. With our program, you can get rid of your symptoms, enjoy a good night's sleep, go about your daily activities and restore your optimal posture.

With our low back pain recovery program, we take a comprehensive look at your spine, muscles and nervous system. We'll review your pillow, sleeping positions, workstation setup and how you sit at your desk. After our thorough evaluation, we'll devise a plan of action with goals to get you relief, correct your condition and prevent it from recurring.

Free yourself from discomfort. Contact [PRACTICE NAME] today!

Dr. Michael J Egan

Dr. Michael J Egan is the Director of Motion Health Centre and Principal Sports Chiropractor, Registered Trigenics Practitioner and Provider of the Frozen Shoulder Procedure.

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