A Special Touch With Mums-to-Be 

 October 15, 2019

By  Brigitte Gregory

When you're expecting, you experience changes in your mind, body and soul. As your body's centre of gravity shifts with your growing belly, you might have posture problems or aches and pains like you've never had before. The massage therapists at [PRACTICE NAME] can provide a specialised massage for you during your pregnancy.

The many common complaints our pregnant patients report include aching shoulders, headaches, low back pain and sciatica. You can also experience a greater sense of relaxation, improved posture and better sleep by having a pregnancy massage.

The Step-by-Step Process of Your Massage

The first step is to book in for your massage appointment. When you arrive, you'll have a brief assessment with your massage therapist and a conversation about your concerns. We'll do some quick testing, then let you know what we'll do during your massage. We have a pregnancy cushion available that makes it comfortable to lie on our massage table. You'll be covered by a sheet to protect your privacy and keep you warm. An oil or cream will be used so that our hands can glide smoothly over the areas of your body that need attention.

Since we've trained in pregnancy massage, we'll use only the techniques that are safe for both you and your baby. Afterwards, you can choose to schedule a follow-up based on your needs and the recommendations of your experienced massage therapist.

The Incredible Benefits

Though you'll feel fantastic after your massage, there is a broad array of additional benefits from getting a pregnancy massage:

  • Regulates your hormones
  • Reduces swelling and edema
  • Improves nerve-related pain
  • Diminishes back pain, joint pain, muscle tension and headaches
  • Cuts down on your stress and anxiety
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Boosts oxygen flow in muscles and soft tissues
  • Promotes a better night's sleep

Use Our Introductory Online Offer

For $99, you'll receive an initial assessment and a 55-minute remedial massage from one of our experienced massage therapists. To collect this offer online, enter "Online Offer" in the comments session when making your booking. Over the phone, simply give the code to the team member you speak with.

After your initial massage, you can choose from three separate pricing plans: pay as you go, an intensive regeneration program or our wellbeing optimisation program. You can save 10% or more by choosing one of these programs. We'll be happy to discuss which may be most appropriate for your case.

Contact our friendly team today to book your first massage!

Brigitte Gregory

Brigitte is a massage therapist who is committed to optimizing the health and well-being of her clients. With over seven years of experience in many forms of massage, Brigitte enjoys working with a range of different people and using her experiences to deliver a better experience tailored to her clients, so they achieve greater results.

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