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Initial Chiropractic and Trigenics Complete Examination and Follow Up Report and Action Plan

(total value is $280) NOW ONLY for $79!

May 22 - 26, 2023

Spinal Health Check

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โœ… Comprehensive Initial Chiropractic and Trigenicsยฎ Examination

โœ… Referral for imaging if required (medicare)

โœ… Report of Findings Action Plan

โœ… Digital Posture Screen and Report

โœ… Tailored online flexibility/exercise program

(total value is $280) NOW ONLY for $79!

Terms and Conditions: This offer is for a complete Chiropractic/Trigenics Muscle Neurology Examination, referral for imaging (Medicare) if required and a follow up visit summary report of findings and action plan.  Any recommended hands on care is seperate.

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Your Local Sydney CBD Chiropractor and Trigenicsยฎ Muscle Neurology Practitioner

Dr. Michael J Egan

As part of National Spinal Health Week 2023 our experienced Sports Chiropractor Dr Michael J. Egan, from Motion Health Centre - Sydney CBD, is doing something really awesome for anyone suffering with or concerned about:
โŒ back pain
โŒ neck pain
โŒ headaches
โŒ shoulder pain
โŒ hip or knee pain
โŒ poor posture

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Dr. Egan have over 13 years experience and provides a unique combination of multiple Chiropractic, Soft Tissue and Rehabilitative services together.

Chiropractor & Sports Injuries, Trigenics Muscle Neurology Practitioner, Movement Science Major, Frozen Shoulder Procedure Provider, Director Motion Health Centre.

 Enter your contact details to secure your appointment for only $79 during this Spinal Health Week 2023!

Motion Health Centre 2023:  Suite 2, Level 1, 77 York Street, Grace Hotel, Sydney NSW 2000