FREE Spine and Sports Injury Health Check
Sydney CBD Event

Motion Health Centre | Oct. 16 - 17, 2023

FREE Spine and Sports Injury Health Check
Sydney CBD Event
National Spinal Health Week

Motion Health Centre

October 16th - 17th, 2023

Spinal Health Check

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FREE Spine and Sports Injury Health Check

๐Ÿ“… Date: Oct 16 - 17,  2023 

โฐTime: Between 8:00am - 7:00pm (We will be in contact to book you into a 15 minute slot)

๐Ÿ“ Location: Motion Health Centre, Grace Hotel, Suite 2, Level 1, 77 York St, Sydney CBD NSW 2000 

๐Ÿ’ฐ Cost: FREE! *Special Offer at the event for those in need of care

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Your Local Sydney CBD Chiropractor and Trigenicsยฎ Muscle Neurology Practitioner

Dr. Michael J Egan

Dr. Michael J Egan

As part of National Spinal Health Week 2023 our experienced Chiropractor Dr Michael J. Egan at Motion Health Centre is donating his time to anyone wishing to find out how their posture and muscle function stacks up and how it might be effecting their health and motion. 

He will take the time to screen for any postural issues or muscular imbalances that you may have and will discuss if there are any underlying issues that may benefit from further examination and care. 

Chiropractor & Sports Injuries, Trigenics Muscle Neurology Practitioner, Movement Science Major, Frozen Shoulder Procedure Provider, Director Motion Health Centre.

When is the first or last time you or your family had a posture, spine and muscle balance health check?

Register for your FREE Spine and Sports Injury Check before this event fills up!

What to expect in this event

Sydney residents receive a Free Onsite Case Review which includes all the following PLUS a Special Offer at the event.

Digital Posture Screen

Digital Posture Analysis and Report

Determine your posture and how far from normal it is with our digital posture screen and report.  
Find out what postural abnormailities you have like forward head posture, unlevel pelvis and shoulders and how these imbalances might be affecting your health.


Functional Muscle Balance Screen

Detect specific muscles that might be weak and underperforming or short and tight and start mapping out any muscle imbalances that could be causing pain or dysfunction.  Gain a view into how your brain and body have adapted to muscle stressors and the root movement causes of any problems.


Consult with your local Chiropractor, Trigenics Muscle Neurology and Sports Injury Practioner

Dr. Michael Egan is ready to listen to your goals, and assist and provide you with the best recommended next steps to improve your posture, health, motion and well being.

Motion Health Centre Rehab Exercises

FREE Tailored Digital Spine or Sport Flexibility Program

Gain access to tailored flexibility exercises designed to address your specific issues.

These exercises are available online as videos with instructions. movement causes of any problems.

Who is this event for?

This event is for EVERYONE, but specifically for anyone who experiences these 7 underlying issues:

  1. Back Pain that doesn't go away
  2. Frequent migraines and headaches
  3. Sleeping problems caused by pain
  4. Sports injury effecting your training and performance
  5. Stiffness & lack of flexibility
  6. Tension and Inability to relax
  7. Poor Posture
  8. Shoulder, hip or knee pain

What You'll Learn

  • How good and bad posture impact you and your body beyond pain.
  • Which anatomical structures are causing any pain.
  • Next steps you can take to start relieving pain and symptoms and improve your posture and flexibility.

Experiencing any of the following problems?

Get Rid of the Pain in Your Head, Neck or Back

Neck, middle and lower back pain are a fairly common complaint and can be caused by a variety of conditions.

Impact trauma, arthritis, muscle strains, and poor posture are all possible causes of middle back pain.

Shoulder Problems

Our shoulders are an important part of our body, connected to the nerves on our neck, spine, and the rest of our body.

Any pain we experience in the shoulders could be caused by misalignment of the spine or an injury in the neck.

Accidental falls, shoulder dislocations, and stress on the shoulder ligaments, spine, and back nerves can all lead to shoulder pain and discomfort. 

Hip and Knee

Our hips and knees are two of the most complex and important joints in our body.

They are responsible for so many of our day-to-day movements, such as standing, walking, running and squatting.

Despite their strong design, they can become damaged with age and overuse, leading to poor movement, pain, and degeneration if not corrected.

Ankle and Foot Problems

Foot and ankle pain can be a debilitating problem that can prevent you from doing the daily activities you are used to.

The pain can be so intense that it can limit your mobility, making it difficult to stand, walk, or even move your foot.  This can lead to imbalances and dysfunction up the chain that effect your knee, hip, pelvis and even you posture and back pain. 

Ankle and foot dysfunction are always reviewed as part of a complete spine and postural exam.

Forearm and Wrist

Using your arms and hands for almost everything is a daily occurrence, and the brain controls this movement through billions of nerves that make up your nervous system.

An injury to the arm or wrist can happen from something as serious as an accident or fall, or from something as simple as poor posture when sitting at a desk.

This causes the bones to become misaligned, and can lead to long-term damage if not addressed.

 Enter your contact details to secure your appointment for your FREE Spinal Health and Sports Injury Check before this event fills up!

PLEASE NOTE: These events are very popular and WILL sell out. So, register now to avoid disappointment.

When is the event?

๐Ÿ“… Date: October 16 - 17, 2023

โฐTime: Between 09:00 - 19:00 (We will be in contact to book you into a 15 minute slot)

๐Ÿ“ Location: Motion Health Centre, The Grace Sydney, Suite 2, Level 1/77 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

๐Ÿ’ฐ Cost: FREE!

Motion Health Centre 2023:  Suite 2, Level 1, 77 York Street, Grace Hotel, Sydney NSW 2000

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